Are Amber Teething Bracelets Safe?

First, always keep in mind that it extremely important to always supervise children, at all times, when they wear any kind of jewelry to avoid accidents. It is best to remove the Amber teething jewelry from a baby when she/he is sleeping.

Today, all quality teething bracelets & necklaces have their Amber beads knotted from both sides of each individual bead. This guarantees that if a strand of beads is broken, only one bead will be able to fall off the strand. Most makers of Amber baby bracelets & necklaces try to ensure maximum safety for children of all ages.  

Nevertheless it is worthwhile to mention that these necklaces are not very easily broken, and it would take a lot of force to actually break the strand of beads. So when shopping for your Amber teething jewelry make sure that the beads are knotted from both sides.  
Amber Teething Bracelet
Teething bracelets & necklaces have two main types of clasps, pop-up or screw type clasp. 

As the name suggest Pop-up clasps make necklaces pop off quite easily when a pressure is applied. This type is not ideal, as the bead strand can easily become a choking hazard or at minimum easily lost.

Necklaces with screw clasps require more force to be removed. There is very little possibility that a child will be able to take it off on their own. The screw clasp are safer overall. However they should be treated as any jewelry and children shouldn’t wear them without adult supervision.

Please note that this article on Amber Teething bracelets And Necklaces was written for informational purposes and it should not be used as a replacement for medical advice or treatment.

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