Do Amber Teething Bracelets Really Work?

One common explanation as to why Amber is so advantageous for teething children is because it contains high amounts of Succinic Acid. Body heat from the skin causes the healing oil to be released from Amber and absorbed into the bloodstream, providing babies with pain relief and an added calming effect.

The idea that Amber Bracelets are useful for teething children is far from new. Children in Lithuania had their teeth massaged with Amber in order to calm & lessen the pain associated with teething.

Even before World War II children in Germany were given Amber beads to wear. It was thought that children wearing these beads can grow stronger and teethe with significantly less pain than without. 

Today bracelets & necklaces made of Baltic Amber beads are very popular and is even growing.  As more parents look for natural remedies rather than prescribed medications or artificial chemicals. 

Based on toxicity studies, this acid is completely safe and even high concentrations. Succinic Acid will not cause any ill effects to a baby's health. 

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